The essence is you
At the heart of the philosophy of tiho is awareness. We develop clothes that help to concentrate on the most important thing - on your life.
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Only natural and quality fabrics from Japan. Ichinomiya area. 宮市
Perfect fit
We are 100% dedicated to a perfect fit, unique craftsmanship and attention to every detail.

We are aimed at generating less waste in a production process. Moving through lean manufacturing cutting unnecessary and harmful parts of the production.
Sustainability also means being open for us. And understand the processes deeply. Show people who have made their garments, how much work and effort is happening "behind the scenes." So people can stop feeling disposable.
tiho is a Russian brand of clothing based on the principles of conscious life and self-love. We sew from natural fabrics, pleasant to the body.

In the search for suitable fabrics, we studied 90 factories in Japan, India, and European countries. We order fabrics at family factories in Japan, where we gently weave cotton using the same technologies as a hundred years ago. We are always looking for producers who remain faithful to the quality of the product and value the people they work with.

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